We have recently been blessed by two short term missions’ teams who came from the States to work with our church and ministry. One team was from Calvary Chapel Camarillo in California, and the other from Calvary Chapel Melbourne in Florida. The teams conducted a number of community outreaches. They were able to pray with children and their families at the children’s cancer hospital; they went out evangelizing at La Chureca, the nearby dump; and they went out street witnessing in local neighborhoods. As well as their outreach efforts, the teams also completed some much-needed projects. The people from Camarillo helped by repainting the classrooms and the front gate at the school. They also reconditioned our screen for the projector in the sanctuary. Now church-goers can more easily read the words to the worship songs – a tremendous blessing! The team from Melbourne worked for several days to expand the work area in the bakery, adding another stainless steel table work station among other things. This was also a tremendous blessing as we are now selling to several local schools and therefore have a much increased demand. The money from the bakery is used to help keep the school running, and we are grateful to God that He always provides!


We have been blessed with spiritual growth of people within the body. Marvin our baker has been ministering to his wife and daughter and they finally expressed a desire to be baptized. Rosa Elena (Marvin’s wife) and Anielka were baptized on the same day a couple of weeks ago. We rejoice in what the Lord is doing in people’s lives here.

The new school year began on February 3rd with 140 students, like last year. We thought we might not get as many students this year, but God supported our increased efforts at advertisement. What a blessing to see no decrease in enrollment – God is so good! We also have a new principal and several new teachers, and they all seem to be working out nicely. The new principal, Noel Jarquin (not Noel the associate pastor) has instituted school-wide devotions twice a week, ensuring that all students are exposed to and taught the word of God as well as academic subjects. And the new English teacher Carolina also has a heart to share God’s word; she joined the Melbourne team on their recent trip to La Chureca; and while there, she lead four people in a prayer to accept the Lord as their Savior! It is wonderful and refreshing to see such passion in our school staff for expanding God’s kingdom.


El año nueve de la escuela empezó febrero 3 con 140 estudiantes, como el ano pasado. Pensamos que no vamos a tener bastantes estudiantes, pero Dios es fiel.  Es una bendición que la economía no golpeó la escuela fuertemente. Tenemos un nuevo director y algunos nuevos profesores que parecen buenos. El nuevo director Noel Jarquín (No Noel el copastor) empezó devocionales Lunes y viernes para aumentar el crecimiento espiritual de los estudiantes. Carolina, la nueva profesora de Ingles tiene un corazón para compartir la palabra de Dios. Carolina fue a la Chureca con el equipo de Melbourne y cuatro personas oraron para aceptar a Cristo. Es muy bueno ver la pasión entre los profesores para servir a Cristo.

Recientemente, fuimos bendecidos por dos equipos misioneros de los Estados Unidos. Un equipo fue de Calvary Chapel Camarillo en California, y el otro fue de Calvary Chapel Melbourne en Florida. Los equipos dirigieron varias actividades del ministerio en la comunidad. Oraron con niños con cáncer y sus familias en la hospital; evangelizaron en La Chureca, el basurero; compartieron el evangelio en barrios cercanos. También completaron varios proyectos necesarios. Los de Camarillo pintaron en las aulas y el portón de la escuela, y repararon la pantalla del proyector en el santuario. Ahora, la gente de la iglesia puede leer más fácilmente las palabras de las cantos de alabanza. Que bendición! Los de Melbourne trabajaron en la panadería para ampliar el lugar de trabajo. Esto también fue una bendición porque tenemos mas clientes; ahora vendemos a varias escuelas cercanas. Las ganancias de la panadería ayudan a la escuela, y damos gracia a Dios porque siempre provee.