Week 368

In the beginning of March, we had a group from Pasadena. The group included two dentists, and they held a dental clinic for three days in our sanctuary. Free dental treatment was provided for people in our community, as well as our church. Additionally, the group had a drama team that performed evangelistic drama at la Churacea, the Peace Park and the Oriental Market. Maintenance around the church was done as well. Al inicio de Marzo tuvimos

Five people were baptized! We held the first baptism of the year at the school. This was a major event in the lives of these individuals who each had accepted the Lord within the last year. Please pray for their commitment to the Lord, and that they would always treasure their baptism as something special. Cinco personas fueron bautizadas! Llevamos a cabo el primer bautismo del año en la Escuela. Este fue el mejor evento en la vida de

We are making progress on our yard area out back and just laid some grass and planted flowers. Our guard dog, Pinky, is really excited about a shady yard and his new house that is being built. Estamos haciendo progreso en el área posterior del edificio, plantamos algo de grama y flores. Nuestro perro guardián; Pinky, esta realmente contento por la nueva casa y su espacio con sombra que se le esta construyendo.

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