Week 380

Three more people were baptized! Please lift them up in prayer. Elisa Isabel Valdivia, Gabriel Saballos and his wife, Herminia Rodriguez all have committed themselves to following Christ and serving Him. Pray that they would be strong in their faith and lights to the community. ¡Otro Bautismo! ¡Tres personas mas fueron bautizadas! Por favor levántelos en oracion. Elisa Isabel Valdivia, Gabriel Saballos y su esposa Herminia Rodriguez se han encomendado a seguir y servir Cristo. Oren para que ellos

Karen McGarey brought another group from Harvest Chapel in Indiana! The team prepared a drama for evangelism which they performed for curious onlookers at Mercado Oriental. We went to the Peace Park and Manchester neighborhoods to share the message of God’s love. There was still time to do work projects around the church, and the men were able to visit the local prison. The group also had prepared a special youth night with testimonies and teaching.

                                       Horacio, Luz Marina and Yadifel have started an Oansa program for youth on Sunday nights. They kicked off Club Juventil while the team was here, and it was a night packed with worship, games and teaching. Please pray for the youth at Calvary Chapel of Managua and that there would be fruit from this new youth night. Horacio, Luz Marina y Yadifel han comenzado un programa Oansa para la juventud los domingos por la noche. Ellos empezaron el Club

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