The last weeks of summer and all of the fall season have been very busy. It has never been boring to serve here at CC Managua. Rhyan and Gineva Johnson came down from Michigan in August to help out and were a great blessing at the school and around the church. Bryan Randolph brought a dental team that was supposed to go to Rivas and work with an orphanage for a few days but because of government red tape they decided to bring the children up here to the church and do all of the treatment in Managua. They also treated children from barrio Las Brisas and some from our school. Nothing is ever really normal here. We do not normally have many visitors in the fall but in September we had a team from Bayside Community Church with One Hope that worked as far away as Tipitapa doing evangelism.



Send Ministries has a great missionary training program and their Rhythm team was the best example of young missionaries in training that we have ever seen. They did door to door evangelism with much success and were constantly in prayer. Of course this made a difference.




We have had a huge amount of rain this year and at the end of Sept. Lake Xolotlan (Managua) was higher than it was after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. The government evacuated hundreds of people who had been living along the lake into shelters and has actually done a decent job of organizing the aid project. Thank God for election years. David and Tamra Bryant have been working in Barrios Manchester and San Sebastian for the past couple of years from Costa Rica and now they live in the southern part of Nicaragua in San Juan del Sur.


They have made many long journeys and have prayed much for these people so when CC Managua sent out a prayer request message they forwarded that message to hundreds of others in the states who also prayed for the rain to let up so that the lake would go down. Thousands of Nicaraguans have been praying since the rains have done much damage and caused crop failures around the country. In view of this it might seem presumptuous to think that this message moved the Lord to show His mercy to us here but a few days after the message was sent we had our first dry week in months and the lake went down a little. Please continue to pray for rain in the right measure since we still have a great need for a good harvest of beans and corn as much of these crops have been lost to flooding.

David and Tamra came to visit the people in the refuge centers and the Lord provided for them to buy food for over one hundred people. This is the perfect example of Christians working together in prayer and practical assistance.

Ric Marconi came down from CC Pasadena and was a huge help at the school and with the installation of some accounting software that is bilingual.

As always the real news is about the local people and how they are growing in Christ. Gustavo who has been leading worship every Sunday is going to the Pastors and Leaders conference in San Salvador for the first time at the end of the month. He lost his wife in June but continues to trust in the Lord and grow in the faith. Noel Solórzano, our co pastor has a son and a daughter who have recently begun to contribute to the worship group every Sunday. Samuel who is seven years of age is now playing the drum set and his sister Vanessa is singing backup vocals. It is wonderful to see people growing and serving the Lord.

The photos in order from top:

1. Some of the Send Ministries team with Maria, Vanessa and Samuel.

2. Send Ministries team members with some of the Friday night youth.

3. The Manchester Furniture Shop gate is right next to the large truck parked in the water.

4. Ana Maria and her daughter Carla Patricia lived very close to the shop and are now living in a refuge.

5. This is the house where Yolanda lived with the lake right at the edge of the property, now she is in a refuge with her family.

6. Geovanni, Rosa and baby Brisa.

7. Corey Grueter and a dump worker.

8. Corey Grueter and Noel.

Prayer requests: Please pray for the conference in San Salvador on the 29 and 30th of October. Last year we had to return by another route because of a downed bridge due to the heavy rains.

Please pray for a team of eighteen men arriving on November 4 to repair the roof at the school among other projects and outreaches.

Please pray for an upcoming Baptism with the youth ministry. It has been growing this year.

Please pray for a few new teachers and a new school principal next year. We are always striving to improve and we lost two teachers this year due to pregnancy and child care issues.

Please pray that Geovanni will finish school next year so that he can attend church on Sundays.

Praise reports:

Geovanni and Rosa dedicated their baby daughter Brisa.

Good growth in the Youth Ministry.

Good growth in the worship ministry.

The Lord’s faithful protection and blessing over the ministry.