On Christmas day, a team from Southern California arrived and did a great outreach in the callejones (samll streets), near the church where Gustavo preached for the first time. Gustavo is our worship leader and was very excited how the Lord worked everything out. Victor Kreider was the team leader who also helped out with the bakers in the bakery and they were very happy to have someone with experience help them.

Matthew was gone by then, but we were blessed to receive another missionary named Don Tucker arrived from Georgia. He has been a tremendous help with maintenance, with the English classes at the school, and with conducting Bible studies with university students who want to practice their English. His wife Maria came for a short time too.

In February, we lost our English teacher at the school. This has turned into a big blessing as we hired Cindy Davila temporarily to fill in while we looked for a permanent teacher. After seeing her interaction with the students and her willingness to learn and be trained, we have decided to hire her as our new, full time English teacher. So many times God turns trials into blessings.

The highlight of February, however, was the Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference that we held. We invited pastors from all over Nicaragua, and even some from neighboring countries. We planned on hosting about 40 to 50 people, and it was a tremendous surprise to us that almost 100 people showed up, some from as far away as San Jose, Costa Rica! We had to scurry to make more copies and get more food. Our two speakers, Mark Presley from Costa Mesa and Bertin Almazan from Panama, were excellent. Many participants were very grateful that they came.

In March, we hosted a one-day medical clinic with over 40 doctors and medical students from Florida. There was a cardiologist, a gynecologist, an ER doctor, and a number of other specialists on the team, and the students were all in their residency stage. They were able to attend to the needs of over 300 people, and each of those people received a New Testament.

We are excited to share that after several years of struggling, the bakery is again making a profit (which we put towards the school). This has been a special blessing from God as economies everywhere are struggling, and consequently, we are not receiving as many donations.

The youth had a great day of sports and the Word at a nearby sports center. It was a special day for them to get out of the city, fellowship, and play together.

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With love in Christ,

Cal and Jessie Stuebner