Calvary Chapel Managua

March April News 2013

Greetings from CCM in Nicaragua! We have had quite a busy few months! And we are ready to update all of those tuning in to what’s been up at our Church!

John and Justin

John Scelsi made it here thanks to all of your prayers! He and Norman Urbina, one of our worship team leaders, teamed up to put together eleven functional computers for our brand new computer lab located at our school! Thanks Guys!

Computer Lab Good to Go!

CCM School Field Trip

Speaking of our school, the principal, Mrs. Carolina Martinez discovered an effective way to bring a higher level of education to our children at almost no cost (only the fuel to drive there)! We are currently holding bi-monthly field trips to a local Arboretum. Every grade will get to go one time. There, the children can learn about local botany in an environment where they can smell, touch, and see the plant life being discussed and learn about how God has provided such amazing life on this Earth! Thanks Mrs. Carolina Martinez!

Weekly our leaders and youth go out to share the Gospel in the community! Our Saturday afternoon evangelism team is still going strong! Please keep all of us in prayer as well as the souls that we are reaching out to! We want to see the people here really understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Over the last few months we have had several teams pass through! Each has left a unique mark on our hearts, as well as the hearts of our people here in one way or another!

Team Ozarks!

First, a huge thank you to the Calvary Chapel Ozarks! The love expressed by this tightly knit team truly embodied and reflected the Family of God! They served our community in many ways! The main purpose? To provide a sports styled clinic, where many of our youth, as well as some that are not so frequent, were able to come and get away, have some fun, play some sports, and then learn about how these things are applied to our lives from a Biblical viewpoint! They accomplished a lot of other tasks too, including numerous plumbing repairs around the church. Thank you so much for your humility, servant-hearted attitudes, and selflessness! Truly you all are children of God!

Pastor Howard with the Lift!

Secondly, Pastor Howard made it down here with the Calvary Chapel Merritt Island team! After getting in and coming alongside the Ozarks team in some devotional time and study, they got right to work! And boy could they work! Their primary goal? To get Pastor Cal and his wife Jessica moved out of their shipping container home and upstairs, into a nice, clean apartment! What a relief that was to Cal and Jessica once done…

Cal and Jessica moved in!

The team worked hard on plumbing, painting, cleaning, and moving furniture and clothes and all! Before the team left, everything was all done! Amazing! In addition to that they blessed many of our children here in the community who are in need.

A generous collection of shoe boxes with gifts in a Christ-centered fashion certainly will leave the impact in the hearts of young children that God loves them!

Gift Give Away!

We had the honor and privilege of hosting a long term missionary from Costa Rica here for a few days while he renewed his visa in Costa Rica, Dominick Principe. This young man of God is on a mission to spread the Word that Jesus heals and restores peoples’ lives in miraculous ways! He joined up with CCMI and John Scelsi in work,

Dominick Principe in Action!!!

but more so in evangelism and worship! What an amazing and anointed man of God Dominick is! Thanks Dominick!!!

Dominick and Jameson

Our youth group also enjoyed unity and success in April! Within this group, various leaders are stepping up and teaching God’s Word, reaching out to their community, studying together, growing together, praying together – all with one common goal: to get to know and love Jesus Christ more and more every day! Please keep our youth in prayer! They work hard and support a lot of our ministry here! We are so proud of them all!

One of the ministries the youth are heavily involved in is worship. Our young leaders here were inspired to develop a clinic of their own! Their goal? They are convinced that there are talents that others have, that are not discovered yet!

They want to raise up others in the art of music and worship; so they are now holding free classes where others may come to see if perhaps there is a talent lying dormant within them! it’s amazing to see them edifying and building up the saints! So proud of you all!

Church, we know you know that God likes to be glorified! And we know that God likes to choose the ways which we will least expect it to reveal Himself all the more! A team of four from Calvary Chapel Camarillo in California came down to work with our people. They were servant-hearted souls that were submitted to the Lord and His Holy Spirit, and we were pleased to watch as they, in the most profound love and grace, were used by God to speak, preach, teach, serve, pray, and love from a place of sheer purity. Truly God’s Spirit is upon them!

Cal and Jessica

Well, it seems that’s all for now! Thank you so much for tuning in, reading through, and praying for this ministry. As Pastor Cal says, “This ministry runs on prayer…” We so need your prayers! Thank you so much for your efforts and labor in our Lord’s Glorious Kingdom! Remember, your labor in the Lord is never in vain! God is faithful and with you all! Even to the End of this Age! Amen!

¡En Español!

Saludos desde La Capilla del Calvario Managua, Nicaragua. En los últimos meses hemos estado muy ocupados. John Scelsi llegó a Managua por las oraciones de muchos. John y Norman Urbina, el que toca la guitarra en la alabanza, trabajaron juntos para reparar y arreglar once computadoras para la clase de computación en nuestra escuela.

La directora de la escuela, Carolina Martinez, ha hallado una forma más barrata para hacer viajes educativos para los estudiantes de la escuela. Cada grado visitará el arboreto local sin pagar la entrada. Los estudiantes aprenderán acerca del medio ambiente con la oportunidad para ver, tocar y oler las plantas y como Dios creó todo.

Cada sábado nuestros líderes y jóvenes salen a las calles para evangelizar. Tenemos un buen equipo. Por favor, oren por esta actividad.

En marzo dos equipos estuvieron con nosotros. Capilla del Calvario de Ozarks mostró el amor de Cristo y sirvió a la comunidad en muchas maneras. Este grupo hizo una actividad de beisbol para los jóvenes. También hizo muchas reparaciones de tubería en la iglesia.

Pastor Howard Davies llegó con un equipo de Merritt Island, Florida. Este equipo ayudó al pastor Cal y Jessica a trasladar su hogar desde el contenedor hacia el apartamento en la iglesia. Había mucho trabajo que hacer en pintura, reparaciones y mover toda la ropa y muebles. También el equipo bendijo a muchos niños con algunos regalos.

Dominic Principe vino desde Costa Rica para renovar su visa. Dominic trabajó bastante con el equipo de Merritt Island y ayudó en evangelizar en la calle. El es un joven ungido de Dios.

En abril, el grupo de jóvenes disfrutó un tiempo de comunión y éxito. Algunos de los jóvenes están estudiando la Biblia juntos y salen a las calles para evangelizar. Por favor, oren por los jóvenes que trabajan bastante aquí en la iglesia.

Algunos de los jóvenes decidieron empezar clases de musica los sabados por la mañana. Los jóvenes opinan que algunos tienen habilidades aun no descubiertas. Estamos muy orgullosos de ellos.

En abril llegó un equipo desde Capilla del Calvario de Camarillo California. Este grupo era lleno del Espíritu Santo y trabajó mucho en la escuela y para reparar un portón grande en la iglesia. También hizo reuniones especiales para las mujeres.

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