Calvary Chapel Managua

May-July 2013 News

Greetings from Calvary Chapel in Managua Nicaragua!

Every few months we look back and get to see all the exciting things God has been doing in our community!

In May we stepped back and watched as God used a medical team from New Jersey to bring not only healing to our Community, but hope. We were so blessed by the impact of love they left on the hearts of our neighbors!

New Jersey Medical Team

Our Computer Lab has its good days and its bad, but in all -it’s working!!! Thanks to everyone that chipped in time and effort!

Our Computer Lab!

Our Sunday School efforts are going great thanks to the faithfulness of our volunteers and our God, as He gathers together children weekly that we get to pour into with the love of God!

Sunday School is Going Strong!

We have had many of our 6th grade students since they were very small; and now they are preparing to move out of our school (which ends at 6th grade) and on to bigger things! We have given them all that we could to prepare them for what is coming. Please keep them in prayer as they venture out into a new world!

Our 6th Grade Class is Moving on Soon!

In June, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale visited us; and in a mere 3 day’s time, they far exceeded what we would have expected them to do! This included painting the school inside and out.

CC Fort Lauderdale Coming Through Making All Things New!

Our school faculty and children were sincerely blessed by a messenger of God’s Love this July! Mrs. Dot Pirrello came down and spent a month with us, leaving a long lasting impact on our kids and teachers! Thanks Dot for everything, which included a conference for our teachers (and teachers from another school) on dyslexia!

Dot in Action!

Every Tuesday night, men and women of our community gather to do what can often be lacking in ministry, pray. Surely Church, Satan laughs at our hard work and mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray! Keep us in prayer as we send men and women out into a community in desperate need of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Prayer Meetings!

You may have noticed in that previous photo some unfamiliar faces! Ian’s Five was in town in last July; and they came through like secret agents commissioned by Christ to teach, preach, evangelize, and… repair our lightning rod tower? Thanks Guys!!! Great job!

Ian’s 5!

Lastly, keep this in prayer! Christ taught us that the Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are going to be launching a series of studies with our church leaders and laymen to build them up in their faith! Keep our church in prayer please! We are right in the middle of an area that is in need of Christ. We want to leave an impact on the lives of those we have taught and those that we reach out to that will bring them ever more to the knowledge and love of Christ our Lord!


Well… it looks like that’s all the time we have for now! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Thanks for all of your continual prayer and encouragement always!


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