We had a great start to the school year with 130 students enrolled and two very good new teachers. Anielka is teaching English and Computer Science. Clementina is teaching sixth grade and is a good addition to the team.


In March Pastor Ken Krikac came down with Firefighters for Christ to do some training with the Firefighters in Granada. Cal was able to help with some translation and it was encouraging to see some of the firefighters accept Jesus.





In April the Pelletier family came down to do pig heart dissections at Jessica’s school. We had a good time of fellowship and were in awe that the Lord provided just the right amount of hearts at the perfect time to minister the those youth about the wonder of creation.






Also in April the Medical team from CC Old Bridge was here to heal bodies and minister to souls. They were a huge blessing to many in the church and many who just came to receive medical attention. Everyone was prayed for and some received Jesus.



We received a specified donation to replace some of the old a/c units at the school so we now finally have six class rooms with a/c again so the students do not have to suffer the heat.