Novembers news 2018

We praise the Lord for His protection over the church during this turbulent year. In Barrio Santa Ana there was relatively little protest activity. None of the families at the church lost anyone to death or imprisonment. Things have calmed down a lot, but Nicaragua as a country still needs much prayer. Unemployment was already high, but thousands more have lost their jobs as many businesses have closed. Continue reading “Novembers news 2018”

Spring News 2017


In January, we began offering music classes teaching piano, guitar, and voice. We are hoping to help create new musicians for our worship team, which is still struggling after the death of Medardo last April, whom we honored with a memorial service on April 9th of this year. We are still praying for his mother and sister (Scarleth and Margarita), both of whom are still battling depression over the loss of their loved one.

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Fall News 2016


Along with fall comes the end of another school year season. This has been busy here at CC Managua. We are rejoicing along with our school principal Carolina Chavez, about the birth of her first child, Jonotan David on fourth of Nov. Carolina has been very dedicated to the school and the driving force behind training a great team of teachers to minister to our students. The timing could not have been better since Carolina only missed the last few weeks of school and will get to enjoy the vacation time with her family before returning to lead the new school year at the end of January. Of course a wise leader always raises up others, and Clementina Huerta has done a great job of filling for Carolina while she has been away. We are blessed to have such a great staff at the school.

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Summer News 2016


During the summer, Jessie and I traveled to California to visit churches and family. While we were gone, the youth, headed up by Nayka Barboza (Luz Marina’s daughter), started up the Awana Program for children in our neighborhood. We are so proud to see them get involved in service! Please pray that the Lord will grow the faith of the leaders as well as the faith of the children.

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