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Welcome to Calvary Chapel Youth

Join us every [day] for dynamic youth gatherings filled with worship, impactful teachings, and a sense of community. These gatherings provide a space for teenagers to connect with God and each other in a relevant and engaging way. From interactive discussions to powerful worship, our aim is to create an environment where faith comes alive.

Special Events

Experience unforgettable moments at our special events designed exclusively for the youth. These occasions offer a break from the routine, fostering deeper connections with God and fellow believers. Whether it’s a weekend retreat, a themed event, or a mission trip, these experiences are crafted to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of our youth.


Discipleship and Mentorship

Grow in your faith through our intentional discipleship and mentorship programs. Our committed leaders are here to guide and support the youth on their spiritual journey. Small group discussions, one-on-one mentorship, and practical guidance provide a foundation for teens to navigate the challenges of adolescence with confidence, faith, and a sense of purpose.