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Our Mission

Step into a transformative educational experience with Calvary Managua’s Christ-centered Elementary School. Our commitment goes beyond academics – it’s about nurturing young hearts for Christ. In our elementary program, every lesson, every activity, and every interaction is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. We aim to create a learning environment where children not only thrive academically but also encounter the message of salvation.
Our goal is also to reach every family for Christ, and see them become part of our church family.

About Us

At our school, we prioritize personalized attention through demonstrative and dynamic lessons, fostering the development of students’ abilities and skills. Currently, we offer preschool and grades one through three of elementary school, with aspirations to extend our curriculum to include up to sixth grade in the future. With a dedicated team of 35 students, a principal, and four teachers, we strive to provide a nurturing educational environment.



Aligned with the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education in Nicaragua, our school offers a comprehensive educational program for elementary students. We integrate technology into our teaching methods through a small computer lab, facilitating interactive learning experiences. In addition to core subjects, we offer English language lessons, and we are proud to implement the Awana program, which provides valuable resources for children’s spiritual growth through the teachings of the Bible. It is our goal to always give these children and their families Jesus. More than an education we long to see these families know Jesus and grow in Christ, and to become part of our church family here at Calvary Managua.

Prayer Request

We humbly request wisdom and protection for our students and their families, praying that our school may serve as a conduit for them to encounter Jesus. Additionally, we seek provision for necessary supplies and support for various needs that arise within the school community. Finally, we ask for continued health and strength as we endeavor to carry out our mission of providing quality education and fostering spiritual development.